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Subject: Re: [CR]Autoshifting
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 09:38:46 -0700

Donald Gillies wrote:
> The internals of earlier campagnolo N.R. shifters include a brass
> domed
> washer for lubrication. You must not lube either side of this washer,
> nor lub the wingnut, or it will self-loosen as you shift. You need to
> remove all grease and lube from these parts, and I recommend a
> degreaser such as WD-40 to accomplish this task. Ooops, there I go
> again.

Don, Don, Don... :-)

That keyed washer (part #174) was used in the down tube and bar end shifters from 1951 till the late 1970s; the shifters predate Nuovo Record. The washer is made from ferrous steel with a black oxide treatment (I usually use a magnet to disassemble these) not brass... it was never made of brass.

Oh, and the wing nut threads need to be lubricated like all threaded connections Don. Of course if you're using WD-40 to "degrease" then your threads along with all the shifter components have a light oil coating on them, don't they.

Chuck Schmidt
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