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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Picchio Special...a few questions
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2007 19:15:04 -0400
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I just got mine back from JB not too long ago and will try and get some pictures up soon; it didn't make much of an impression at a recent SoCal ride!

Aaron Lipstadt Hollywood, CA

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Tom Sanders wrote:
> I am wondering why a bike so wonderful looking seems so
> rare. Weren't many
> imported? Are they more plentiful nearer their point of
> origin? In Canada
> or Australia? Were there production problems that limited
> their production?
> When were they imported to this country?. There were at
> last two models ( I
> think) ...were they all as cool as the one on Dale's
> site?
> Perhaps we have someone familiar with the brand that
> could shed a little
> light here?

My thoughts exactly. Until yesterday's reference here I had never heard of this builder, had not even paid attention to the page on CR about him.

Just look at those pictures. Peachy!

It is so intriguing that the name of one of (arguably) the uppermost tier of Italian racing bike builders has been a virtual secret.

Who here owns one and can show us pictures?

Emanuel Lowi Montreal, Quebec

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