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Continental makes them with tan sidewalls. I have them on my late teens Gendron with deep vee metal rims. They are a bugger to stretch in this particular rim application. Art Link,San Antonio,TX,USA

David Toppin <dave@pelletizer.com> wrote: From: "David Toppin" <dave@pelletizer.com> To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org> Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 12:49:24 -0400 Subject: [CR]Tubular Tires

I just bought some of the Tufo D28 Diamond tires to put on my late teens COlumbia racer that has 1 1/8" wood rims, and they fit very nicely. They are 28" x 28MM I believe. I think I could also use 700C. The only downside to these particular tires are the red sidewall. Does anyone have any idea if someone makes the same size tubular with preferably a black sidewall or maybe tan? I'm going to try to magic marker out the red.

On a side note, my 11 year old son asked me what was better about tubulars, which I can't answer. Can somebody clue me in?


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