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Subject: Re: [CR]Fiamme rim question
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 16:22:30 -0700

Tom Hayes wrote:
> Thanks, Chuck. Could you explain what internally sleeved means?
> Beyond what is obvious in the term, I don't understand the
> purpose. Strength? It feels as if it weighs about the same the
> other.
> Thanks again.
> Cheers.
> Tom

There is a tube shaped sleeve that is inserted into both ends of the rim (sleeve is same shape as rim cross section but fits tightly inside) and this is pinned (riveted) to keep it in place. The joint has to be held in line with something so that is the sleeve's purpose. You could glue the sleeve in place instead of using rivets or pins, but pins is how Fiamme chose to do it on their early tubular rims. They also use to put a grommet at the valve hole too.

Additional note: I believe Fiamme had the patent on double eyelets originally.

Chuck Schmidt
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