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Subject: Re: [CR]I Beg You Pardon?
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 17:08:10 -0700

Ken: You said it! I have a hard time seeing how uptight so many are on this list. Lighten up guys! Put some sew-ups on your bikes and get with it. Have some fun! Be serious about your hobby and passion. Please don't take yourselves so serious(ly). If all this is life or death and you can't relax, dump your bikes and go join the military. They need volunteers to make their quota and have just the place for folks with hypersensitivity to imaginary dissing and no sense of humor. The will even give you a penis extension so you can always prove that your point is right and the only one of merit.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> Dennis
> my appollogies!!!!
> I should know better - cause it has been observed previously that humor
> does not work as well in a virtual environment as it does in person!!!
> regards
> Ken Sanford
> Kensington, MD
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>> As I recall in reading the general idea of the list administator this
>> list was to be treated as if it were a friendly gathering in his garage.
>> There was nothing in my observation that even came close to violating
>> that idea. Perhaps this group is closed to people who just happen to
>> love old bikes for their ride and uniqness. I am first and foremost a
>> rider. I happen to have a couple of vintage bikes that I like to ride.
>> If making an honest observation upsets the lists applecart let me know
>> and I can do without it.
>> Dennis Smith
>> Waco. Texas
>> USA