Re: [CR]I Beg You Pardon?

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Subject: Re: [CR]I Beg You Pardon?
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 17:26:29 -0700

Hello Ken..Do you think that the email you just sent(the one I'm responding to) is Not Uptight? Racer Bud Bud DeLauer ..Sonoma, Ca.

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> Ken: You said it!
> I have a hard time seeing how uptight so many are on this list.
> Lighten up guys!
> Put some sew-ups on your bikes and get with it.
> Have some fun!
> Be serious about your hobby and passion. Please don't take yourselves so
> serious(ly).
> If all this is life or death and you can't relax, dump your bikes and go
> join the military.
> They need volunteers to make their quota and have just the place for folks
> with hypersensitivity to imaginary dissing and no sense of humor.
> The will even give you a penis extension so you can always prove that your
> point is right and the only one of merit.
> Ted Ernst
> Palos Verdes Estates
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>> Dennis
>> my appollogies!!!!
>> I should know better - cause it has been observed previously that humor
>> does not work as well in a virtual environment as it does in person!!!
>> regards
>> Ken Sanford
>> Kensington, MD
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>> Subject: [CR]I Beg You Pardon?
>>> As I recall in reading the general idea of the list administator this
>>> list was to be treated as if it were a friendly gathering in his garage.
>>> There was nothing in my observation that even came close to violating
>>> that idea. Perhaps this group is closed to people who just happen to
>>> love old bikes for their ride and uniqness. I am first and foremost a
>>> rider. I happen to have a couple of vintage bikes that I like to ride.
>>> If making an honest observation upsets the lists applecart let me know
>>> and I can do without it.
>>> Dennis Smith
>>> Waco. Texas
>>> USA