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I used to own one. It was a road model from the early 1970's. Clean, but understated to point of being kind of plain. Maybe I am just a philistine. I did like the french details at the fork and stay ends, and the extra loop on the chainstay to guide the cable housing to the rear derailleur. More important, it was too big. I bought it early in my collecting days, when the world seemed like a big candy store, with all those cool bikes up for grabs. I had also been reading Grant Petersen's rants on not buying frames that were too small. After riding it for a year or so, I realized that it really didn't fit that well, so I sold it.

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I wish there were half way decent pictures with this auction, as the few Limongi bikes I have seen had outstanding details & workmanship. This one looks a quite a bit more mundane.

Any CR members own a Limongi?

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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LIMONGI track frameset . seller :mike_fraysse( 313) No connection to the seller. Thought somebody might be interested.

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