[CR]Was: FS: Georges Sorel Gloves. Now: who WAS Georges Sorel?

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Subject: [CR]Was: FS: Georges Sorel Gloves. Now: who WAS Georges Sorel?

Google just identifies a Georges Eugène Sorel, 1847-1922

a  French Marxist-socialist...

Was there a cycling related Georges Sorel?

I remember this line of goods from the 1970s & 80s as being a higher priced one, a some what fashion-influenced line of accessories & clothing.

Maybe this was another Georges who was a bike racer or cycling designer? Maybe a it was a bike parts company which had socialistic leanings and named the line after the old guy?



Ferris Bueller?

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Hi List

Weekend cleanup has found a box of Georges Sorel cycling gloves. These ar e all new, unused and come in in various colours. For those unfamiliar with George Sorel gloves, the leather is very soft.

Only 2 sizes are available: Size 12 which appears to fit like a Large and size 13 is like a an XL. 4 pairs of the XL have Francesco Moser's and Patrick Sercu's names logo'd on t hem

Size 12 (Size L) 2 @ Brown 1 @ Teal 1 @ Tan 2 @ Olive

Size 13 (Size XL) 1 @ Brown (Moser & Sercu) 2 @ Green (Moser & Sercu) 1 @ Olive

10.00 each, shipping extra via Canada Post. The usual... cash and cheques from all those I don't - or paypal if easier . Paypal or Intl MO from all those I don't.

Digital photos are available.


Brian Frank Toronto, Canada paypal: brian@justimaginegraphics.ca

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