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From: "nelson miller" <nelsmiller@msn.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 17:07:36 -0700
Subject: [CR]FS--- IDEORE ASSO 58cm

Group --- I am offering to the list (prior to it's ebay debut) an IDEORE ASSO bike.

IDEORE ASSO was made in Italy, and they offered about five different models, four of which were the same frameset, constructed with "Columbus extra light tubing" The only other difference between the models was the equipment gruppo supplied. I have a sales brochure for them from this era, 1960/61?

This Italian beauty is pretty much original, except for the wheel set. COLUMBUS tubing. It has the Chromo-velatto (sp?), or Chromolux finish, that most of us would call candy-apple red, painted very transparently over a chrome base. It is really beautiful in the sunlight--- and also very subject to scratching/peeling. I have two of these bikes, and the finish on this one is far better than the other tall one that I am keeping. Most of the peeling is on the lower down tube on the right side where the shift cable would rub against it. I don't believe that "touching up" this paint is possible.

Chrome headlugs, fork crown, lower fork blades, and rear stay ends. very good condition

Campagnolo dropouts

Seat tube 58cm c/t Top tube 58 cm c/t

Saddle: Brooks B-17 Standard narrow

Stem (85cm) and bars (41mm) Ambrosio Champion

Brakes: Universal "Extra" --- the rear is long reach, front short--- typical of Italian bikes of the era. The brake levers are the old type Universal with the pointed ends--- hoods are intact, but VERY dry.

Headset: Campagnolo-- The rare early steel type without the writing on the perimeter

Seat Clamp: Steel with "IDEORE" cast into it.

Front derailleur: Capagnolo Gran Sport Rear derailleur: early Gransport with the cable adj. fitting

Shift levers: Campagnolo early "open C" type

Pump: Super Delta-- "Super Course" with a Campagnolo umbrella holding mount

Crankset: Magistroni Senior with Simplex 47/50 alloy rings

Pedals: Campagnolo pedals with the loop for the pedal strap. No toe-clips or toe straps.

Wheelset: The original wheelset on my other bike has tubular rims with "no-record" Campagnolo high flange hubs. The existing wheelset on this bike consists of a pair of nice low flange Campagnolo hubs with curved skewers, nice straight guage spokes, Ambrosio Montreal "Durex" tubular dark anodized rims, and Vittoria "Course C.X." tires.

Alternate: I can supply, instead, a wheelset with Campagnolo Record high flange hubs, chrome straight guage spokes with some rusty spots (patina?), nice Weinmann tubular rims and the nice Vittoria tires from above.

Price: $725.00 plus actual postage cost. I will carefull pack and ship--- probably UPS or Fedex

The bike would need a bit of TLC to make it an outstanding and unusual showpiece, with the original finish. I have not polished anything on it, or prepared it all all since I bought it years ago, intending to put the components on a Legnano project, which has been abandoned.

If it sounds interesting, either to look at or purchase, I will be happy to send jpegs of the bike. Please contact me at nelsmiller@msn.com (I don't know how to post them anywhere-- anybody want to help me with that process? :-)

Thanks and Cheers---- Nelson Miller // Seattle, WA // USA