Re: [CR]Selle An-Atomica

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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 18:48:08 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [CR]Selle An-Atomica

Here's my experience with Selle An-Atomica. I recently had an opportunity to give two of their models a test, The first was the non-clydsdale model and the thing was comfortable out of the box, which was encouraging. However, after two longish rides (60 or so miles) I needed to tension the saddle significantly, 5mm at least. I then rode it another 50 miles or so and had to re-tension after THAT ride, another 5mm. I then took it off and exchanged it for their clydsdale version (I'm 175 lbs) which is somewhat more robust. Same thing happened. Significant tension issues which at one point in a ride had me contacting the top of my seat post. Yeow!! The thing was splayed out at the sides looking like a flounder. I have three B-17's and a Team Professional and I have tensioned the B-17 I rode at BMB once after a significant rain event. I haven't touched any of the others. I was really wanting to like the saddles. I like the fact they are made in this country and the workmanship was very good. They really are beautifully made, but the design needs tweaked. Now, if they came up with a redesigned model without the cutout and with thicker leather at the same price, something to rival maybe the terribly overpriced Swallow, I'd give them another try. I'm a little, okay, a LOT cynical about the way Brooks has marketed their saddles recently and I'd love to give my money to an American company, but until things change, I'll stick with my Brooks. As Mr. Fattic mentioned, saddles are extremely personal so someone else's experience might be completely different. Jeff Chrystler South Bend, Indiana

The Rivendell site says that you need to tighten the A-A before riding,
   but they claim after the initial tightening they hold their shape