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Subject: Re: [CR]Mark Dinucci 57 cm bike on eBay...
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 08:54:23 -0700
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It may have been a Pacific NW thing, but Mark Dinucci was legendary around these parts back in the day. I was fortunate to own and race a Dinucci Strawberry back in '79-81. There was nothing fancy about the frame, but everything was "right", proportions, construction, finish, performance. It was as close to a flawless frame as I have ever had (not having owned an Eisentraut or B. Gordon). A cool feature on my frame were the rear dropouts. They were not the typical Campy racing dropouts, but were Mavic dropouts (or so I was told by Strawberry). They were very compact horizontal dropouts with a threaded eyelet hanging down inside the triangle.

I'm not sure about the timeline stated in the auction; I may be mistaken, but when I visited the Strawberry shop in Portland (on Glisan?) I seem to recall that Mark was still associated with them. This was in 1979. I drove up from Eugene to get a new set of decals, as I just acquired my used Strawberry and was getting it repainted from bright metallic green to medium metallic blue Imron.

That is one of several bikes I wish I'd kept (others being a '74 Raleigh Pro Track bike and my mid 60's Cinelli SC).

Kevin Ko Eugene, OR


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I don't get it. The story is certainly poignant. The components are beautiful, down to the little cardboard thingy on the brake calipers. The color is nice. But I don't see anything special about the frame. The side view of the head lugs shows an artless contour. The seat cluster is clean enough, but plain. The fork crown seems likewise plain. It lacks

the little reinforcements on the brake and chainstay bridges. The points on the bottom bracket at the chainstays seem off unbalanced. Lugs are thinned, but that seems to be its main claim to fame.

What am I missing?

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