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Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 13:23:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Mystery bike

The mystery bike is most certainly an Italvega.

Now as to Bob F's post, I think perhaps the real question is ... Why did Italvegas strip all their own decals off? In other words, I think most of them self-destruct due to the nature of those decals. My Super Special frameset is a wall hanger currently, and I have always been VERY careful with the decals, but since I've owned the frame (maybe 4 or 5 years ... how long has it been Jay?), they have slowly been disappearing. Ever heard of "Jumping" Cholla cactus? Get too close, and it almost seems like their little tufts of spines will jump out and latch onto your skin. Well, the Italvegas have jumping decals. Look too closely, and they almost jump off in front of your eyes!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 21:38:09 -0700 From: Bob Freitas <> To: Cc: CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS <> Subject: [CR]Mystery bike

Why did people with Italvegas strip all the decals off? Answer to this question always seems to be its an Italvega BOB FREITAS MILL VALLEY,CA USA where I will be packing up a storm for a Monday flight to Italy ------------------------------

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