Re: [CR]When is a 3Rensho no longer a 3Rensho?

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Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 10:04:24 -0500
From: "LTravers" <>
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To: David Ross <>
Subject: Re: [CR]When is a 3Rensho no longer a 3Rensho?
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David Ross wrote:
> Lynn Travers asked:
> "So if I have it fixed, is it still a 3Rensho?"
> I have a sweet Ed Litton built in 1994. It has had a couple of tubes
> replaced at different times. Since Ed did the repair work I think it's
> safe to still call it an Ed Litton.
> Why not send your 3Rensho to Makino-san for the repair? Or, more
> conveniently, you could send it off to Yamaguchi-san in Rifle,
> Colorado, just a few hundred miles from you. There's a decent chance
> he built your frame in the first place, and you won't have to worry
> about an Italian/Japanese tube mix - Koichi will use True Temper! BTW,
> his prices are very reasonable, and I'm surprised he doesn't get
> mentioned on the list more often.
> Dave Ross
> Portola Valley, CA USA Thanks for that tidbit of info. At this time, I am just going to ride it. It rides as sweet as the "untweaked" 3Rensho I had a couple of years ago. Hands off straight and true. Truth be told, I am not concerned about it. As far as I am concerned, it will be a 3Rensho. I was just curious as to how others on the list would view the question.

Lynn Travers
Hazelwood, MO