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Subject: [CR]Re: Twin Plate Masi On E-Bay...Braze On features

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Tom Sanders wrote:

As far as keeping purists away from the sale, some purists would know that for $10 extra you could get that bike from Carlsbad with top tube braze on cable guides and for a little more money you could get other brazed on guides and bottle bosses, if the original catalogs and brochures can be believed..

I am wondering if Bob Hovey can see from these photos if they are the originals or not?

Tom Sanders

Lansing, Mi


I'm not sure which top tube brazeons would have been "standard option" at th is time... I'm sure there are a few framebuilders out there with really good memories or some old parts catalogs that could at least tell us if the twin -loop guides that are on this particular bike were available in 1974.

I do know that several Carlsbad bikes supplied with early optional guides ha d handmade ones that were Mario's design... they were identical to the ones that appeared on his own later bikes, a pipe strap shaped loop with pointed ends (if you are not familiar with these you can see one at the very edge of this pic):


Bob Hovey
Columbus, GA