[CR]Colnago Frame Dating, Version IV

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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 10:17:17 -0700
Subject: [CR]Colnago Frame Dating, Version IV

Here's the latest updated version for those interested and still following.

Speaking of anomalies, Dan Borden sent me pictures of his 1972 Super (a beauty) and his frame doesn't have bottom bracket brazed-on cable guides! Anyone else seen frames of this vintage without them? Result of a distracted brazing monkey at the factory? The frame's only braze-on is the cable stop on the chainstay.

================================ Colnago Frame Dating, Version IV ================================

1969 and earlier? 1969 -- Playing card decal graphics 1969 -- Fork crown (sand cast) with two holes in each side 1969 -- Fork tangs wide, no cutouts 1969 -- Club cutouts in all three lugs 1969 -- Bottom bracket shell with drilled holes in circular pattern ---- 1970 -- Fork crown (investment cast semi-sloping) with two holes in each side 1970 -- Club cutouts in all three lugs but club in lower head lug is now larger 1970 -- Bottom bracket shell with club cutout ---- 1971 -- Fork tangs narrow, no cutouts ---- 1972 -- Club/COLNAGO decal on head tube/seat tube (seat tube Worlds bands) and COLNAGO on down tube 1972 -- Fork crown with clubs in top and two holes in each side 1972 -- Fork tangs with two holes (sometimes three holes) ---- 1973 -- Wreath seat tube decal with two Worlds bands 1973 -- Fork crown with clubs on top but no holes in each side 1973 -- Club cutout in lower head lug only 1973 -- Water bottle braze-ons on downtube ---- 1974 -- Fork tangs with club cutouts 1974 -- Shifter braze-ons on down tube ---- 1975 -- Vertical COLNAGO seat tube decal with diagonal worlds stripes ---- 1976 -- Fork crown with COLNAGO added to clubs on top 1976 -- Short Campagnolo dropouts ---- 1977 -- Top tube cable guide braze-ons ---- 1979 -- Fork crown for recessed brake bolt with shallow triangles cut into back 1979 -- Brake bridge for recessed brake bolt ---- 1980 -- Short COLNAGO drop-outs 1980 -- Fluted seat stay caps engraved COLNAGO and straight seat stays, no longer biconical 1980 -- Brake bridge with cast square boss for recessed brake bolt ---- 1981 -- Chain stay bridge is small spool shape, no longer tube ---- 1982 -- Chain stays stamped COLNAGO on sides 1982 -- Cable routing on underside of bottom bracket ---- 1983 -- Aerodynamic fork crown

NOTE: Year dates are approximate; changes might have occurred the end of one year or the beginning of the next for example. Paint schemes, panels, decals and chrome varied according to how importers spec'd their frames, so this all varied considerable and there are anomalies. Dates and details based on the Classic Rendezvous archives, the Wool Jersey Gallery, and Colnago and Bikcology catalogs.


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