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Wayne, If the lockring on your Campagnolo hub was a BB lockring, then it was a road hub, not a track hub. English BB and freewheel thread is the same (1.37" x 24 tpi.) Track lockrings are always smaller than the cog thread, and ALWAYS left-hand threaded.

Campagnolo uses their own lockring thread, and I don't believe anyone else uses it. It is 1.32" x 24tpi LH thread.

Most track hubs are English thread. They use a 1.29" x 24 tpi LH threaded lockring.

French are 33 x 1.0mm LH thread.

If you can't find a track hub but want to ride a fixed gear, you can often fit a BB lockring over a cog on a freewheel hub, and respace the axle to the right chainline. Loctite or equiv. is a good idea with this setup, and so is a rear brake. It seems to work ok as long as you don't try to stop with pedal pressure. If you spin off your cog doing so, you will be in a world of hurt.

Greg Reiche CyclArt Vista, CA USA<blah>

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Hi all, I recently bought a Campagnolo rear track hub, the lockring was a BB lockring. I'm not in need of another one, and dammed if I can find a lockring that thread in my collection. Then I recently ended up with a Sunshine hub, looks just the same as a Campagnolo, without a lockring, so this time I measured the thing, well now I see a probelm, its 33mm in diameter, what BB uses that size?, I've checked archives with no luck, just looking for a cheaper version than the Campagnolo lockring for my fixie.......regards wayne davidson Invercargill NZ...........


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