Re [CR]track hub lockring size required

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 07:26:36 +1200
Subject: Re [CR]track hub lockring size required
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>
Cc: <>
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Hi all, many many thanx for all the replies, I did'nt know there were so many threads, I've yet to measure my Campagnolo hub to see how my Sunshine Professional hub compares, it sure looks the same, but I guess the vernier will tell the truth. Yes all my track hubs are track hubs, I'm nut using converted road hubs here, except on this fixie I have swaped out the internals of a track hub and fitted a q/r axle, sure makes it easier to repair any puntures I may inccur.

I did have this thought after I sent the posting, maybe I was given some ugly made in ROC lockring......regards wayne davidson Invers NZ........