Re: [CR]Im a bad seller,please email me about your past problems with me.

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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 13:39:27 -0400
From: "Sadiq Gill" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Im a bad seller,please email me about your past problems with me.
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cc: Matteo Brandi <>
cc: Matteo Brandi

Suggestion: As opposed to everyone with positive negative experiences with Matteo writing in (for some unknown purpose).....let's just let it be. Obviously, the people with negative experiences are not going to be convinced that they are wrong or bad people for having a less than favorabl e opinion of Matteo---and frankly they shouldn't be. Facts are facts....most list members deal fairly and promptly with their transactions. Regardless o f reasons (mail, Italian stylings) Matteo seems to have more than an average number of issues. I'd want to know that there is an unreliability factor before I shell out serious dollars for something I really, really want or need.

On 9/14/07, krawls <> wrote:
> I have had no problems at all with buying things from Matteo.
> All have arrived safely. He sends most things Registered Mail
> which can slow things down a bit especially with International Mail.
> Karen Rawls
> Happy Customer and Postal Clerk
> Winchester VA USA
> On 9/13/07, Matteo Brandi <> wrote:
> >
> > List
> >
> > im goin through a problem with a list member,about a not yet received
> cam
> > pagnolo headset.He says that he has been warned about not dealing with
> me
> > .Also,on a previous post about me being a bad seller,the person that
> deal
> > t with me,said that he has received "many,many" emails about me being
> "no
> > good".Please,all the persons that emailed that person,are kindly reques t
> > ed to email me to let me know what the problems on dealing with me
> were/i
> > s.I have a couple of "open cases",and i m aware of that,but i cant
> solve
> > them till i can find the missing bit.
> >
> > Thanx in advance
> >
> > Matteo Brandi Firenze italy

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