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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 22:07:36 -0400
From: "Martin Walsh" <>
Subject: Re:[CR]Ken Sanford's vintage ride, National Capital area
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Dear CR list members, We were treated to Ken Sanford's fifth annual vintage bicycle ride,today from his home and co-hosted by his wife,Betsey. Thanks for having us over again and hosting this local event! Kathleen & I had a wonderful time as I'm sure everyone else did from all the smiles I saw on today's ride. Ken's theme for the ride this year was BRITISH Bicycles. I guessed I missed that notice! I would've brought my newly acquired MACLEAN from the 1970's.....but I had promised Ken I'd show him my newly purchased Masi Gran Criterium circa 1974. Ken's twin brother,Ben of Falls Church,Va. was the first person we met upon arriving,sporting his new CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS WOOL JERSEY and riding his custom made ALBERT EISENTRAUT pursuit style track bicycle,painted by CR's Mark Nobilette. Harvey Sachs also had on his new CR wool jersey & Ken was styling the original version of the CR wool jersey. It was a good cool, morning ride for the wool wearers! Many local riders from the Washington D.C. metro area,enjoyed a lovely late summer ride,with a touch of fall in the air......low humidity,clear blue skies and a bit of a breeze this morning before wear a vest or ride the Masi or not......difficult questions but,easy answers. Harvey Sachs has filled in some of the rider's but he left out, two new, rider's last names. They were Mark Snead,of Arlington,who I invited and I'm trying to get involved with the CR list and Mark Frazier of Reisterstown,Maryland who does a bit of racing up Baltimore way. Mark Snead had the re-worked 1974 Paramount with cantilevers and many extra braze ons done by Waterford Bicycles.Repainted silver with red lining.Avery different adaption for a Paramount. Mark Frazier had a pair of Raleighs,one a 753 TEAM road bicycle that was immaculate with a Super Record build up and a second Raleigh Team 531 Reynolds,road bicycle set up as a fixed gear which he rode.There was plenty of eye candy when Rober Clair showed up with his some of his collection of frames, a beautiful pair of Bates Cantiflex (KOF's) one supposedly built by RON COOPER and a lovely JACK TAYLOR mixte. My wife was on her off topic bicycle......I told her I bought the 1974 Masi GC from Craigslist for her,she appreciates the CR groups passion with classic bicycles,but she has no interest in riding them,so I was able to ride the "new". to me Masi GC. Peter Kohler said the color is PERSIMMON ( a reddish orange color,not red,not a true deep orange). I guess I'll check with Mr. Masi,Bob Hovey what the "official" Masi color is called. I feel fortunate to have ended up with this original owner Masi,and didn't realize so many local CR listmembers were "after" this bicycle. I guess the "bicycle god's" having been shining on me lately! Friends Dan Artley of Parkton,Maryland was riding his good old Raleigh Professional and Wayne Bingham of Lovettesville,Va. were also in attendance. Wayne was riding his "first new road frame" that he bought back in the last century,or was that the last millenium,Eddie Merckx road bicycle. Wayne was reminding us folks on the ride to RESERVE A ROOM IF WE HADN'T ALREADY DONE SO, FOR CIRQUE 2008 IN LEESBURG,VA. We are hoping to book all 99 rooms for this event........see the CR WEBSITE TO RESERVE YOUR ROOM NOW!!!! Harvey Sachs and his lovely wife Sue were also in attendance. Sue was riding a mystery frame bicycle that Harvey had built up. Harvey was riding his 1965 Paramount,Campagnolo equipped 10 speed,road bicycle. Harvey also brought along an ALENAX for laughs,what an odd contraption of a "bicycle",more like a dysfunctional stair stepper type machine (bicycle). It may need some tuning up to get it in full race form,I think Harvey. I think I'd leave it home and not take it to L'EROICA. Tom Witkop was in attendance with his wife and two son's. Tom was riding a resplendant red, R.E.W. REYNOLDS bicycle,and none of us could remember who the actually builder of this marque was,we thought maybe,Woodrup. Peter Kohler took the prize for slickest looking bicycle and attire,in my book! Peter was riding his 1950's era RALEIGH RRA in black enamel original paint and decals. Very impressive! Peter had on his Brooks/L'EROICA wool jersey and black wool cycling shorts,capped off with a white "cap"(no helmet). Peter had his Italian Detto Pietro's road racing shoes, adapted with newer leather soles and rubber/leather heels and no cleats.Something I'm hoping to find! English style road/touring shoes. Ken treated us to a viewing of his "English collection" of true English steel heritage road bicycles covering a wide span of time.WOW! I left my camera at home,hopefully one of the list members will post a few pictures of today's group. Absent this year were Bill Hale, and Tom Roberson. The group ride was a good mix of riders on fixed gear and 10 and twelve speed road bicycles,where you better follow the leaders! Thanks Ken & Ben for guiding us out and back and for the beer and pizza,knockwurst and all the hospitality upon the return. I really enjoyed riding with everyone today! I apologize if I missed anyone on today's ride. Thanks to the CR sponsors and I'm glad to see the list is back up an running again! Last but not least,Thanks Dale for providing this forum of the CR list! Yours truly, Marty Walsh in Vienna,Virginia,U.S.A.