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I have a 1980 Masi that has the same downtube decals. Masi having been what it was, it's just hard to establish history in a definitive way. The best assessment I've gotten, working with several 'Listers who are prime Masi-istis, is that at times the painters left off the flag section, and for some special geometries they were left off. Perhaps this is to distinguish the special frame from the standard (i.e. geometry in accordance with the model frames) items. The assessment is also that mine is actually a Masi from California.

One frustration I have with this listing is that the pictures show very few of the frame features that would allow me, at least, to see the signs of Masi frame design and construction. Anyone who scammed or duplicated a set of decals could perhaps have gussied-up a different frame as a faux-Masi. The parts are certainly in the correct ballpark, but there were many "full-Campy" bikes sold in those days.

For early US Masis, I understand that serial numbers were not always shown on the frame.

The seller's tone seems genuine and I mean to cast no aspersions on him or his bike, but it is hard for me to see what it really is. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds it difficult to answer your questions, Masi history being still as questionable as it is, despite the heroic efforts of some of our prominent 'Listers.

Not my size, so I'm not a bidder.

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Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI USA

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The? supposed 73 Masi is now relisted as a 76 with pretty much the same description.? ( Item number 170151417162).? Has anyone seen a pic of the bottom bracket or know the serial number of this bike.? I've asked the seller but not received any info and I'm getting suspicious about it.? Why does the sticker on the downtube say Masi instead of Masi Gran Criterium.? Is this a California Masi or not?

Steve Shaw
Millbury, MA