Re: [CR]Were there ever any lightweight unicycles?

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Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2008 10:49:15 -0600
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Subject: Re: [CR]Were there ever any lightweight unicycles?
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At 2/3/2008 07:54 AM -0800, Don Wilson wrote:
>An odd question, I know, but based on the lightweight
>definition, I reckon there could concievably have been
>some. I just wondered.

Wonder no more. Here's a shot of a Jack Taylor uni, complete with Brooks saddle, box lining, a proper flat topped fork crown and I think it's safe to assume Reynolds fork blades and steerer. Given that they built just about any form of cycle one could imagine, this comes as no surprise. From Roger St.Pierre's "The Book of the Bicycle". 1973

Several years back we happened upon one of the UniCon rides when it was held here in the Twin Cities. A couple of hundred well balanced riders from all over the world. One German had a claimed 6 pounder with a tubular wheel and tyre and short TA cranks. I lifted it up and had no reason to doubt the weight.

One KOF builder is Terry Osell protege Paul Wyganowski

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