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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 10:46:11 -0500
From: "Dale Brown" <oroboyz@aol.com>
Subject: [CR]Attention CR members, from List meister...

Dear folks:

Thanks for what may be the longest run of email list civility and good behavior in my memory!? Everyone has been very considerate of one another, respecting our wide variety of tastes and interests in this "hobby".? You are a great bunch!

I WOULD like to remind all members that this is an International list with members from many countries and having different first languages. (Special welcome and thanks to those members!)? This diversity of membership makes the sign-off even more important. To quote from ye olde rules:

"Sign off all messages with your first & last name, and your city, state & country. Please spell that info in a "straight up" way, using no abbreviations or short cuts so people can readily understand. We want our members to know where we are from; that will assist in creating a community, one in which we are communicating "real person to real person," so to speak. If you cannot do this, for whatever reason, please do not join."

Also, please edit your subject line to reflect the content of your message. It's hard to remember, I know, when you are jotting off an email but it makes a huge difference to readers so slow down (probably a good idea anyway) and change that subject line!

I also would like to thank many members for adhering to the 3 posts per day limit rule... I have not been hugely vigilant about enforcement, as I viewed it as a guiding philosophy rather than a rigid rule. I know it's been difficult and some have chafed at it (!) but I think it has worked to limit bandwidth and force focus to make each posting count. So thanks all.

Finally, a big weekend is coming up with the Handbuilt Bike show in Portland and the Westminster MD swap meet.. I know many CR members will meet and enjoy the wonderful camaraderie? that got it's start here on this list! Enjoy!!


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Interesting. Doesn't look real old nor real valuable. I have ben spending way too much time looking at old bikes late, been hooked on the Classic Re ndezvous (classicrendezvous@bikelist.org) dis. I finished the resto on my 61 Bianchi and am restoring my 82 Viner. Picked up a mid-70's Gios (frame and fork) the other day...... but really want a 70's Paramont Track bike yo ur old black one.

Lets talk. I will try to call you tomorrow, Sat if not tomorrow.


Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 18:39:18 -0800From: cemerritt@global.t-bird.eduTo: d riveadime@msn.comSubject: Fwd: mystery framehey ... my brother just picked up this frame, but is wondering what it might be ... doesn't look like anyt hing of value, but whaddya think? any ideas?how're things?---------- Forwa rded message ----------From: Geoff Merritt <geoff@parasol.com>Date: Jan 30,
   2008 6:14 PMSubject: mystery frameTo: Chris Merritt <cemerritt@global.t-bi rd.edu>Here are some pictures... any ideas?http://www.rentertainment.com/bi kes/mystery.asp