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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 14:24:56 -0500
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If anyone learns about a memorial fund, etc., please send the information to the list. This is certainly very sad. I'm a daily visitor to his websites, and learned most of what I know about bikes from them. It's sad to think that many of his "in progress" pages won't get finished...

Adam Hammond Toronto, ON, Canada

On 4-Feb-08, at 2:15 PM, Jon Fischer wrote:
> I just heard the news myself from another forum and was headed over
> here to
> contact Dale about it. A very sad day indeed. I am thankful he
> took the
> time to contribute so much to so many online outlets such as this
> list, his
> website and others that we will be able to learn from his knowledge
> long a
> fter his passing. Rest in Peace Mr. Brown. May your roads be
> smooth under
> your wheels forever more.
> Jon Fischer
> Dallas, Tx
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>> Subject: [CR]In Memoriam Sheldon Brown>
> > This
> tremendously sad news comes via the Phred touring> list. My
> apologies if t
> his has already been mentioned> on the CR---> > > > "This came over
> a few o
> f the Boston area lists today:> > Sheldon's wife Harriet sent out
> mail this
> morning> saying that Sheldon> Brown died of a massive heart attack
> last ni
> ght.> > He knew more about bicycles than anyone else I know,> as was
> always
>> happy to share what he knew.> >> > >
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