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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 15:37:13 -0500
Subject: RE: [CR]Sheldon Brown

What sad news.

Sheldon Brown was one of those remarkable people who not only knew a lot about his (and our) favourite subject, but had the devotion, dedication an d patience to share it with others. I enjoyed working with him with my articles on the Raleigh Clubmans and Lentons for the Retro Raleigh website

which he rescued from oblivion. He was a special friend and mentor those of us who love the classic English roadsters. And Harris Cyclery was one of

those shops where we retro grouches actually felt at home with Velox bar tape, Proofhide and Sturmey-Archer oil. He and I used to share sources f or 26 x 1 1/4 tyres. And there was no one on the planet who knew more about

the vageries of cycle tyres than Sheldon.

Let's hope his splendid website, very much a life's work, will be maintained in all its rich and varied glory.

My Raleigh and Rudge roadsters have a lost a valued friend indeed.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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