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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 09:31:38 -0600
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Harvey Sachs wrote:
> 6) In the sp discussion, I recall little about the early Shimano SP. The
> QR is not as sophisticated as Campy's, which will work at intermediate
> positions, but I find the Shimano much more pleasant to use, perhaps
> because it still has good feel, but seems to require less force than the
> Campy. I have less experience with the Shimano than with the Campy, but
> I sure don't find the Campy to be clearly superior.

The original Dura-Ace sidepull used a QR very similar to the one that Campy later used on the Gran Sport sidepull:

Sorry about the poor image on the Gran Sport; I don't have an actual specimen here.


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