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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 08:52:12 -0800 (PST)
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What if, just as at car shows, a lot of "concept" and "prototype" ideas turn into big bike co's production models in a year or two? I can see it now--an al/carb Trek 650b randonneur with Bontrager-branded centerpulls on intergal pivots and Honjo-knockoff fenders--and a Lemond 700c randonneur similarly equipped, both with appropriate chainstay length for triple ring, too-many-cogs drive trains, maxed out tire clearance, light wiring tubes and rack mounts molded into the carbon fork and rear wishbone........................................... Hey, you never know.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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Here's my 2 cents worth,,, There were a lot of wild and crazy bikes at the show,,

There were also many well engineered, well excecuted and aesthetically pleasing examples of the craft represented. Real bikes to be ridden by real people.

Maybe you had to be there to have this perspective.

Was great to see so many of you there and to have breakfast with Dale and the gang.

Peter Weigle& Kendall Lyme Ct.


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