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Subject: Re: [CR]Show Catalog from NAHBS 2008
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Thank you very much for posting the show catalog. It's nice looking at all the images people have posted, even better to read some background details. I like the shots of the various workshops and the short bios of the builders. Very nice. I could kick myself for not making it to this show when it was in San Jose two years in a row but family obligations took priority.

Portland OR is a great place to visit, you can land at the airport and take lightrail right to downtown in about a half hour or less.

David Joshel,
DAvis, CA

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Subject: [CR]Show Catalog from NAHBS 2008

> Just as Don agreed to let me do last year, I just posted a large (13mb)
> .pdf that contains the high quality show booklet we all got as we arrived
> at the NAHBS. It has some interesting text and pictures of many of the
> builders. This year the printer from Colorado who produced the booklet
> had a booth at the show - they publish a very nice cycling magazine (for
> the 'other' kind of cyclists!), called Mountain Flyer - a nice read if
> you stumble upon a copy.
> My scanner skipped past the inside cover advertisement for Shimano - so I
> re'scanned it, placing it at the end of the document (see page 66)
> The guide is up at:
> Rich Pinder
> Van Nuys, CA