[CR]Help me pay for my new Baylis!

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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 14:23:00 -0800 (PST)
From: "Patrick Bakke" <bakkepatrick@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Help me pay for my new Baylis!

Well, depending on wether you talk to me or my wife I have the good fortune of fitting on the frame that Brian Baylis brought for sale to the 2008 NAHBS. That said I need to sell some items and thought I would offer them up before auction. I have pics.

1. Mini NR group pantographed colnago. The cranks are stamped 75 while the rear der is 77. The person I got the group from says they were all stock on the bike. Front der is clamp on, c-clip, no lip. Panto on the seatpost, brake levers, big ring and 90 mm ttt stem (ttt bars as well. Includes BB, HS, shift levers (no panto) and rear hub (that the knuckle head cut the spokes out of prior to removing the freewheel. Also came with a pair of white plastic bar end caps with the colnago C and clover on the end. It is in pretty decent shape. $1500 plus shipping.

2. 1979 Bianchi Superleggera I have re-wrapped the bars with new leather, new gel 330 rims (just didn't have the OR10's) new ttt SL saddle. The bike is complete, except for a chain and toe straps. Panto on the seatpost, stem, world champ brake levers and big ring with cut out shift levers. bike has been touched up with a slightly not quite celeste. really close. I am not at home but memory puts this at a 55 or 56 cm. $1500 plus shipping.

3. Gitane team pro/replica. this I think is a 58cm, reynolds 531, full mavic ssc group with gel 280 rims (rear has a bit of a hop). new yellow rolls. The frame was repainted right before I got it, new decals, looks great. I don't have the pedals. $1200 plus shipping.

4. Stronglight model 93 170mm cranks, Gold Anodized. These have been tapped for english. Rings are in good shape 52/45, some shoe rub on each arm. $150 plus shipping

5. Gold plated Cinelli 1R stem 100mm NOS. $200 plus shipping

6. Simplex Super LJ gold anodized Front/rear/shift levers (with the sunbursts). Used but excellent condition. $200 plus shipping.

7. Mid 70's 58cm Peugeot PX-10, repiant red with black lugs, reasonable at home paint job, full mismatched dates NR group. I will throw in decals if you want to make it another color. $800 plus shipping.

I have asked just what I kind of remember paying for these items and putting them together. I photos of them, I am not much of a photographer though! Help me pay for my new bike by liquidating my old ones! Thanks for the interest

Patrick Bakke Portland, OR

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