[CR]apologies for stray and ancient messages

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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 11:14:53 -0500
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Larry Osborn" <losborn2@wvu.edu>
Subject: [CR]apologies for stray and ancient messages

Greetings campers and baffled readers

Apologies for any and all stray and ancient messages arriving from my OUT box to your IN box. The only one I've noticed on CR so far is:

Subject: Re: [CR]69/70 white Raleigh Pro on ebay - At 08:36 PM 9/12/2004 +0000,

No idea yet what other silliness is being sent from here, but I suspect there will be more. I can hardly wait.

I've finally been busted for using email software that actually functions properly, and our departmental IT gestapo is in the process of replacing it with the officially approved software that does NOT function properly. Obviously, the transition is not going well. Only four copies of my outgoing emails have arrived in my IN box, so far, and the last three years of online work has gone missing. It is only Day 2. And they wonder why I get belligerent anytime they suggest making ANY changes whatsoever on my puter. Yes, I have backups for my backups in multiple geographic locations, but that's MY normal paranoia, not their foresight prior to wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, pandemonium prevails. Let the mayhem continue.

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