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Thanks Michael! I appreciate your feedback. I purchase a lot of bikes and parts in Ger many and Switzerland, but I think I'd rather stay away from Dosbrina
   and Dosbrina1. Both his bikes and his reputation are too dilapidated for my taste. Thanks again for your gracious help in this matter, Regards, George George Hollenberg MD Westport, CT, USA

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> Gerge and List,
> Indeed, Dosbrina1 is the new ebay-name of Dosbrina, who just rec ently
> has listed this bike. In a german bike forum i participate there w ere
> warnings about him as well as positive feedback. He had used
> other ebay
> names bevor those two. If you are really interested in this bike
> I could
> offer some help as the seller resides in Berlin where I have close
> friends which could arrange pickup and shipping of the bike. The
> sellerseems to be a longtime cyclist and cycling coach and buys
> and sells used
> bikes locally. His ebay bussiness seems to be shaky, but he has some
> mighty fine bikes for sale....
> Regards
> Michael
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> I need some help here. This bike was already "outed" recently by
> anothermember who, quite rightly, noted the extent and detail of

> the photos.
> However, I thought I recalled the current seller "Dosbrina1" h ad
> already offered this bike for sale previously. Furthermore, at t hat
> time, I thought his moniker was simply "Dosbrina" and his
> feedback was
> very poor. At that time, some fellow German collectors had
> warned me
> about potential problems. "Dosbrina1" has only one transaction listed.
> Have any members had good ( or not so good) experiences with either
> Dosbrina or Dosbrina1? Thanks for any help, George
> George Hollenberg MD

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George Hollenberg MD