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From: "John Barron" <jb@velostuf.com>
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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 07:09:44 -0600
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Subject: [CR]FINAL CALL for NOMINATIONS- and update 2008 CRVBA

FINAL CALL FOR NOMINATIONS- Nominations will close today, 2/22/08. We have a very nice list of nominees! (nominees will not be asked to serve on the selection committee)

Past winners-->

2003 Winner Dale Brown 2004 Winner Michael Kone 2005 Winner Sheldon Brown 2006 Winner Ted Ernst 2007 Winner Brett Horton

HEAR-YE, HEAR-YE: This is the official "Call for Nominations" for the 2008 Classic Rendezvous Vintage Bicycle Award, (heretofore referred to as CRVBA).As you'll recall, last years winner was Brett Horton http://www.velostuf.com/crvba.htm http://www.velostuf.com/crvba.htmA A selection committee will be chosen, who will choose the winner, but YOU will make the nominations. Here's the deal: THE CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS VINTAGE BICYCLE AWARD RECOGNIZES THE PERSON WHO HAS GIVEN MOST GENEROUSLY OF THEIR TIME AND TALENT IN FURTHERING THE HOBBY. THE CRVBA AWARD ALSO GIVES US A CHANCE TO REMEMBER OUR FRIEND MIKE RICHARDSON WHO WE LOST IN 2002. This award will be given at the 2008 Cirque in Leesburg, VA http://www.cirqueducyclisme.com/ http://www.cirqueducyclisme.com/Please Please send the name(s) of who you think is deserving of the 2008 CRVBA to Lou Deeter, lou.deeter@L-3com.com or Dale Brown oroboyz@aol.com along with a VERY short explanation. Do not get wordy, just the facts, in a few sentences.Please do no not post any names to the list! ONLY send names to Dale or Lou. If you'd like to engage in nomination discussions, please do it off list, thanks. If you have any questions about the procedures, let me know, REMEMBER, this is a hobby, and it is FUN! (We're all on the same team).

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