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Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 22:25:29 -0600

the "smallest" i can get a hold of at the moment is a cicli colnago, at about 12 inches by 9 some inches. a neat velcro "snap" folds over the top flap.

i believe the more standard size is slightly larger both ways.

coors had a neat one or two back then with two snap enclosures. some others probably did too.

only have a couple of the more traditional english style musettes. these were based more on the traditonal ww2 english military shoulder bags, which are quite durable (to be used again and again), and not some sort of "hand-up" to the be tossed.

best "luncheon bag" here ... signed by the postal team, and the bus's chef, obtained from an old pal in Basil. original? who knows and who cares :)

forget the throw-away stuff ... i would be looking toward the modern messenger bag for inspiration. i just bid on one that "appears" to be larger than a standard musette, but smaller than the regular msg thing. add the store logo (assuming you haven't sold out yet) and charge a modest $.

r clair
alex, va 22308

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From: Dale Brown
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Subject: [CR]Musettes

> I am working on a page in the Classic Rendezvous of old musettes.
> So if any of you have cool or vintage branded musettes, please take a digi
> pic & send it to me.
> I was crazy about all of Richard Sachs' musettes that he showed at the
> NAHBS. Many neat designs, very cool.
> (
> So here's a question, what are the ideal dimensions of mussettes made of
> cloth, semi-"throw away" musettes (versus the heavier duty vinyly and
> canvas ones I have some of?) I am thinking of having some made by a local
> handicapped workshop, but what size?
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina USA