[CR]Re: Using the CR database to avoid competitive bidding

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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:19:02 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: [CR]Re: Using the CR database to avoid competitive bidding

No one can force you to bid on an eBay item. One solution is for more CR members to offer their "for sale" items first to other CR members through this list. Another is to set up a site where CR members can post their want lists. C.J. Scheiner Brooklyn, NY USA (whose 1960's Claud Butler has its original 6 speed Campy Grand Sport derailleur) =============================
> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 22:16:36 -0500
> From: "Edward Feinberg" <ebfeinberg@comcast.net>
> Subject: [CR]Using the CR database to avoid competitive bidding - John Betamis wrote that we should organize and all agree to not competitively bid against other bidders who are on this list. Speaking of eBay "ethics", The US Department of Justice has a name for this: Collusion in restraint of free trade, and it is a felony. Ed Feinberg Newton MA (I'm not an attorney but I've raised several of them) --------------------- John Betamis wrote: While on this subject, I have to bring up another angle; that of bidding against someone you know on this list. For the last few months I have been looking for a Simplex Tour de France type rear changer for the Claud Butler