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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 09:48:30 +0100
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Actually there was also a Kondor label in Germany owned by Kotter in Albuch, Germany, and I see alot of Condor trash-bikes running around, being of lowest quality and obviously sold by supermarkets and the like. No race bikes though....but stuff i would not touch. Regards Michael Schmid Oberammergau Germany

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At 01:30 PM 2/25/2008, Charles wrote:

>I'm looking for a headbadge for a late 1950s swiss Condor. If you have
>one to trade or sell, please e-mail me privately.
>Charles Andrews
>Los Angeles

I own a British-built Condor. Went to Condor Cycles in 1981 and had Monty Young (founder) measure me for the frame. We discussed frame sizes and whether a larger frame would reduce my chances of having children in the future. I don't remember the outcome at this point (regarding frame sizing), but I do have two teenagers running around the house now, so I guess it worked out okay...

I asked Monty to use lugs with cloverleaf cutouts...he said he'd see what he had lying around when he built the frame. He ended up hand cutting them, and they look beautiful. I didn't realize that it was a bit of a faux pax to ask this, as he was building bikes to race against those built by Ernesto...

I retired the frame about 8 years ago and its now hanging on my office wall.

I assumed that there is/was just one Condor Cycles, but google proves me wrong.

Do you know if there's any formal link between the two companies? Clearly the Swiss Condor started some 50 years before the British company...



Lee Levitt
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