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I maintain, adjust, repair a total of 4 Phil Wood spoke machines. All from various years. I adjust and cut spokes from 1.8g to 2.0g to 2.3g and 2.6g using custom aluminum shims.

The answer is "YES" however with some cautions:

1. You can cut as short a piece as .5mm so long as you hold the spoke firmly while cutting.

2. You must keep the dies well oiled.

3. Wipe the top die clean using a finger every 15 spokes or so - and use a finger to add a large drop of oil to the same die before cutting your next spoke.

4. Make absolutely certain that the small pieces that get cut do not end up inside the flipper or inside the lifter walls. If they get inside the flipper - you'll have to turn the machine upside down to shake 'em out. The other problem mentioned requires a disassembly and reassembly of the machine.

5. To almost guarantee good re-threading of existing threads after you release

the elbow of the spoke after cutting - take the thumb of your just released left hand and use it to force the flipper all the way up against the spoke - this will ensure that the spoke gets picked up squarely by the slider and dies.

You'll still encounter a bad thread or two out of a batch of 72 but if you follow my instructions above you'll have a pretty good success rate. It certainly help if you cutter has a fresh edge - all have four rotatable edges.

Also, if your spoke machine is numbered below 1024 - an older machine with looser tolerances - you'll have an easier time. (I beleive old man Phil had a reason for making the machines really loose...) The later machines were tightened up a tad tolerance wise and can be more "fickle" if that's the right word to use.

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