RE: [CR]Major Taylor movie is coming.

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Subject: RE: [CR]Major Taylor movie is coming.
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 04:12:37 +0000

Good News. I was In a Borders Books today, and there on the new release sh elf was a book called "Taylor" about our subject. I didn't recognize the a uthor, but I read a few paragraphs, and it looked pretty good. Since it's new it's only in hard back, so it will set you back a couple of spare parts . Books can always tell a story better than film, and I also recall the fi lm being terrible. I vote we save our time and money, and read the book in stead. I hope you are all doing well.

Tom Harriman San Francisco, ca
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Major Taylor movie is coming.
> I got this serveral times so I better make myself clear. My copy is
> fine. The film is Terrible. IMHO
> Edward Albert, Chappaqua, NY, USA
> Edward Albert, Ph.D.
> Prof. Emeritus, Sociology
> Hofstra University
> >>> "ternst" <> 02/26/08 1:28 PM >>>
> Is your copy terrible? is it the movie? or both?
> We saw this film after it came out. It was not too well made. Bikes and
> story very inaccurate.
> There have been several attempts made to get a US film going but rumor
> has
> it that the black stars didn't care enough about Major Taylor and
> cycling to
> be bothered.
> Seems our newbies were too big and good for it, and scripts were not too
> good either, so it might be a combo of all these factors.
> Seems like that would be work-outable with the superbe history and
> story it
> is.
> Enjoy it for now, at least it'something, and did promote cycling a
> little.
> I'm surprised that they didn't have some older guys like me who have a
> good
> handle on that era to lend some expertise and credability to the pic.
> Would have made all the difference in the world, if someone had a better
> handle on the cycling emotion and life and then wove the real life
> elements
> into it.
> Ted Ernst
> Palos Verdes Estates
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> >I have a copy and, unfortunately, it is terrible.
> > Edward Albert, Chappaqua, NY
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> >>>> Bianca Pratorius <> 02/26/08 12:12 PM >>>
> > The Major Taylor movie, Tracks of Glory, was a tv movie for the
> > Australian audience. A listmember and Australian will be sending me a
> > DVD copy soon. I will copy it and send it out to all that want it. All
> > in good time.
> >
> > Garth Libre in Miami Fl. USA