Re:[CR]the limits of steel repair, or, de rosa vs pothole

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Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 14:16:25 -0600
From: "Brad Luecke" <>
Subject: Re:[CR]the limits of steel repair, or, de rosa vs pothole

This may start a BIG fight, but.....

IF what you want is a JUST rideable frame: In the old days we had something we called a "fork jack". Stuck one end on the BB and the other on the axle of a hub fixed in the fork drop outs. I "fixed" many frames with it. They were not perfect, but they tracked well and most rode as well as before the accident. I'd bet your LBS still has one of these things stashed somewhere. But probably doesn't have anybody who has ever used it. Just look for the old grey haired hippy guy in the back, he will be your best bet.

It is VERY unlikey that your STEEL frame will fail dramatically, it would be a long process that should give you plenty of warning. I've seen more than one frame with cracked head tube or BB lugs that were ridden into the shop because the owner knew something was funny, but couldn't figure out what. Normally we told them not to ride the bike home, but I'm sure some did.

If you want your frame back like it was, this probably will not work for you.

Too bad about your tumble,hope you heal quickly.

Brad Luecke
Columbia MO