Re: [CR]Wild story - true or...? Locomotief on eBay

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Subject: Re: [CR]Wild story - true or...? Locomotief on eBay
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 23:03:13 -0800
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Hi John,

I meant to respond earlier, but I just finished my Stanford homework.

I was going to add, "And then my dog ate it," but that would sound too much like your seller's tale. All I really know about Locomotilefs I got from Freek Faro. He sent me some literature that indicated that 1950 was the only year that they used the type of lugs

mine has. I bought it in 1960 in Palo Alto, from it's purported second owner, who was the girlfriend of the first owner and didn't know anything about the bike except that she wanted fifty bucks for it. The head badge and down-tube decals are identical to your bike, but the "tour de france" is a different type face, matching the "locomotief" type on the down tube. No capital letters. Mine came equipped with shifter stuff and headset from Campy as are the three- piece hubs. Weinmann side pull brakes\u2014I don't think Campy made brakes

in 1950. It has steel cotter-pinned Strong Light three-arm cranks with Simplex adapters mounting six-hole Simplex rings, Brooks B17, no-

name steel post, Titan stem, Kint-Maes bars and Leotard pedals. The rims and front fork are non-original due to a nasty encounter with a pothole. It had 28-inch no-name clincher rims and I had Wheelsmith replace them with 700c Mavic MA2s in about 1963, I think. I replaced the original, way bent back fork with a chrome Tange with less rake to quicken the turn in. My frame is 59 cm c-t, metallic green and more upright than yours, the head and seat tubes appear to be parallel and I would guess 73 degree angles. Oh yeah, and it's a great ride. I was planning to go to the hobby shop to get some model paint to mix for for touching it up, but then it stopped raining.

Mark Fulton Riddin' in the sunshine, singin' a little song Redwood City California

PS: I lied about the singin'.