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Subject: RE: [CR]Re: Ebay outing: Restored vintage Colnago Super (Walter Nash)
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 23:54:00 -0500
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On the WJ site the suggestion is that this is an early to mid 70's bike, yet I see a 2 hole Porta Catena drop out. Wouldn't that make the frame from the late 70's? I'm thinking 1977-78. Some of the Colnago experts would have to weigh in on the frame details, but my recollection was that drop-out wasn't available until later.

Corrections welcomed,

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> Many of you kind folks pointed out the error of my ways with the very
> small photos I inadvertently used in my Ebay listing for this bike.
> When I figured out how to handle it properly, Ebay advised that I could
> not substitute the photos and suggested simply terminating the auction
> and relisting the bike with new pictures. That is what I am doing. It
> should go back up on Sunday and I shall post the link to the new
> auction
> as soon as I have it.
> Meanwhile, I have put the larger, more detailed photos on the Wool
> Jersey site for the bike. Again, sorry for the double posting of the
> link (if it happens again) lesson at a time!
> This has been a learning experience for me. I much appreciate the
> advice and suggestions from so many of you on the List. Thank you!


> Walter Nash


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