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Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 12:35:41 +0100
From: "kim klakow" <Akimbo71@gmx.net>
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Subject: [CR]Kevin and the Gloria in exess

I'm not so sure what to make of your post; you wonder about the price it fetched and why it did. Then you say you were runner up; that means you were willing to pay "almost twice what I paid" for the complete one. Where does the "no sense" part come in?

greetz, kim

> Now that's one auction that makes no sense at all to
> me. I was the runner up. Three months ago I bought a
> full Garibaldina from the same seller. Granted, it's
> not an Extra, but it's a full bike and its condition
> is a little better than the one that sold tonight for
> almost twice what I paid. So I'm left scratching my
> head. What can one say other than the buyer must
> really, really have wanted it?

-- Kim Klakow

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