Subject: [CR]Gloria Garibaldina

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From: "Otis" <>
To: <>
Subject: Subject: [CR]Gloria Garibaldina
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 11:51:47 -0800

"I hope the buyer of this frameset restores it properly. Nickel plating would result in a beautiful finish, and, apparently, since parts are available from other Glorias, the final result would be correct. Dilapidated bikes hold little charm for me, especially if their very integrity is challenged. George Hollenberg MD "

I don't think you can consider this bike to be dilapidated or in the "challenged integrity" department?

On the contrary, I think the original nickel plating has held up extremely well and will not be harmed at all by the loss of a paint top-coat. Especially considering the pampered life a bike like this will now lead.

I think a good coat of wax would be all that's really needed, or some paint added by a skilled restorer who could "patinize" the new paint. I think trying to re-plate the bike could be a giant can of worms and be a huge mistake.

To me a bike like this has to be much further along in decay to warrant a full restoration.

Cheers, Jon Williams
Grants Pass OR USA