RE: [CR] Expensive ebay Colnago "Popecycle"

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Subject: RE: [CR] Expensive ebay Colnago "Popecycle"
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:27:05 +1100
From: "Ben Kamenjas" <>

Yo .... for realz, this seller is a fool. $250k for a gold plate Pope Speciale is just not gonna get a look in. Had he listed it as a special indulgence for the Shah of Iran, or some Saud Prince that joint would have been on a boat and soon to be used for chasing camels. Or in some Texan's bike musem !!!!

Cats just don't know their target markets these days <shakes head>

Speaking of "All Praise Be To Pergolizzi" ... does anyone know how to actually contact him? An email address that works would be nice :)


Ben Kamenjas Sydney, Australia

> I was going to snatch this one up until I saw it only has a Nuovo
> Record
> headset, and I wanted Super Record all the way.
> Perhaps there is a Papal Indulgence rolled up inside the seat tube?
> John Hurley
> Austin, Texas, USA

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> Subject: [CR] Expensive ebay Colnago (Ed Granger)
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> e
> wItem
> Would whichever listmember BINs this please change the brake lever
> hoods before riding it at Cirque? Thanks.
> Ed Granger
> Lancaster, PA