[CR]World Championship Stripes on Ron Cooper frames.

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Thread-Topic: World Championship Stripes on Ron Cooper frames.
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Subject: [CR]World Championship Stripes on Ron Cooper frames.

The recent discussion of the rainbow stripes on Ron Cooper frames made me go back and re-read the interview I did with Ron a few years back:

SLS: Have you ever had an occasion where you have had to refuse to build a frame for a particular person or where you've not completed a frame because it wasn't going to work?

RC: Not really, not that I can recall. We've had several different pursuit riders riding Ron Coopers go to the World Championships and things like that. One that comes to mind is David Akam, who joined the Moser team. Very good rider, which is why he ended up riding, pulling the train in the Giro.

SLS: Have any of your frames ever been ridden in the Tour?

RC: Not that I'm aware of, no.

SLS: I know many of your frames have been ridden in the World Championships, but have any of your frames won a World Championship, track or road, pro or amateur level.

RC: I can't recall anyone with a Ron Cooper frame getting a medal or anything like that. They might have been part of a pursuit team ... although World Champions have ridden my frames.

SLS: Such as?

RC: People from Europe who have come over and have ridden in teams that were provided with Ron Cooper frames, and not necessarily with my name on them.

So, it doesn't appear that any World Championships have been won on a Ron Cooper built frame ...

The entire interview can be found at http://veloworks.com/roncooper/rcooper2004interview.html

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