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Subject: [CR]Re:World Champs stripes.

Ron Cooper may well have had a hand in some much earlier Medal winning bikes. Ron was apprenticed to Gillott's in 1947. In the 1948 London Olympics the British Pursuit team won Bronze. 2 members, namely Alan Geldard and Dave Ricketts were on Gillotts. It is a pretty slender chance that an apprentice, no matter how talented would get to work on such important frames but who knows? Other famous track men who rode Gillotts were Lul Gillen and George Senftleben. I shall check their Palmares. I realise that Ron would have used the Bands when producing frames under his own name from circa 1971 on. Gillotts never used them -to my (extensive!) knowledge.

Were these World Champ's stripes or bands the same as the Olympic stripes?

I have seen several different colour arrangements and these are all on Claud Butler badges. Claud started to use the Bands pre war after Dennis Sutton Horn won a medal in the 1936 Olympics.

Mark Stevens, Evanton. Scotland