Re: [CR]Vintage Bikes, Vintage Skis, why the difference?

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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 21:07:18 -0700
From: "John Wood" <>
To: "Julian Shapiro" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage Bikes, Vintage Skis, why the difference?
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On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 8:17 PM, Julian Shapiro <> wrote:
> John Wood wrote:
> "And finally, if modern bikes are so clearly superior in every way, why
> does
> Peter Post's record for average speed still stand for Paris-Roubiax?"
> I wasn't aware Paris-Roubaix was a time trial. This is an old saw that
> vintage weenies like to cling to. What were the team tactics that day?
> Which
> way was the wind blowing? What was the speed of the peloton before the
> break?

No, you see you're supposed to explain it to me - take your time, I'll wait. Just find it curious that with all the "modern advances", not to mention improvements in training, nutrition, wind tunnel testing, etc., that that record still stands after 44 years. I guess it must be a motivation thing. And, as I understand it, Peter Post rode it like a time trial (wasn't there obviously, just read about it), kinda like Fabian Cancellara did a couple years ago. But even with being the world tt champ on a high tech modern bike, he didn't top Post. What with all that carbon fiber, he shoulda been able to ride it faster one legged.
> The classic equipment is another one. iBob-ers love to point to the older
> style equipment still in use at P-R. But P-R and the few remaining
> northern
> classics are the exception. Most racing is done on smooth modern roads
> with,
> appropriately, smooth modern equipment.

Exactly my point. I live in Montana. If I rode TdF quality roads on a daily basis, my opinion might be different.
> and while I'm ranting..............if you want to exclaim about failures
> of
> CF bikes please limit it to first hand experience. Everything else is
> hearsay. Likewise if you would like to deride the modern CF bike compared
> to your on topic steel please tell us which of these CF pro bikes you have
> ridden - more than around the parking lot:
> Colnago C-50
> Trek Madone

> Giant TCR

> Time VXR
> Look 585
> Specialized Tarmac

> Cervelo Soloist
> Ridley Damocles
> Lapierre HM
> Orbea Orca
> BMC Pro

Plus I'll add a few - Cannondane Six13 - yep, Cannondale Synapse - yep, Cannondale System 6 - yep, Le Mond Zurich - yep. Nice try, but you're talking to a dealer. And don't tell anyone, but I even have some carbon fiber bits on my new custom steel bike. If you re-read my original post, you'll find that I wasn't dumping on new, just merely making the statement that the new ultralight stuff is not as durable. I think it's telling that many pro riders and pro mechanics refuse to use carbon bars. I saw a 7 pound bike on Velo News the other day - would you trust that hurtling down a heavily frost-heaved mountain pass at 50+ mph?

John Wood Red Lodge, Montana, USA
> none of the above? Hmmm....
> Dumping on the new stuff is no better than some lycra-clad weenie dumping
> on
> (our beloved) old stuff.
> Julian Shapiro
> warmer but not warm enough in
> Sag Harbor, NY