Re: [CR]World's Rainbow Stripes/Olympic rings

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From: "David Snyder" <>
To: "Classic Rendezvous" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]World's Rainbow Stripes/Olympic rings
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 11:59:59 -0800

Am I the first here to question the use of the term "rainbow" to describe World's Championship stripes?

I'm not at all sure the term really applies, except as a generic term mistakenly used to describe any series of colored stripes.

Any thoughts?

David Snyder a real rainbow would seem likely today in cloudy Auburn, CA usa

>> Weather there is a right to or just indiscriminate application,
>> what was ROMIC justification for the use of the World's Rainbow
>> Stripes/Olympic rings???
>> peace
>> w.e."ted gwilliam