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I just went to the garage for another Fat Tire. That's a beer made here in Colorado.

So, with all of this Rainbow Stripes/Olympic Rings discussion going nowhere anytime fast, I'll add my own nonsense worth.

First, while getting the beer(s) I checked my 1973 P13 Paramount. It's safe and sound where it has been hanging for the past 24 years since we moved here. Custom built and picked up by me at the factory in the Paramount room, second floor.

It has both the rings and the stripes! Dang, now what?

Second... at the 1984 Tour of Texas, a 3 week UCI International stage race that I was the Chief UCI National Commissaire, I asked a non-rider to politely "get lost" who was at the S/F at the final crit in downtown Austin. This person was wearing the fake World Championship jersey that was so often available at your local bike shop. When you have the current World Champion and 3 former World Champions with the stripes on their sleeves and collar on the start line.....

Third...while working for the Feds, aka the US Cycling Federation, from late1984-1990 as the first Technical Director, I had pleasure of sending a form letter to those US jersey makers who made the fake World Championship jerseys telling them what was nice and not nice. They weren't "nice."

Andy Bohlmann Colorado Springs, CO USA (see a 1983/'84 Campagnolo Techncial Support Murray frameset here)

Last...I had a call while working (see "Third", above) from a US bike or frame maker whose name is long gone. They (he) wanted to know about any legalities of using theWorld Champion stripes on his frames/bikes. There were, of course, none. He proceeded to but them on his frames. I made sure those decals were removed if any of our (USCF National Team) riders road them. Not all National team riders had Fed issued bikes, especially on the road.

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> Am I the first here to question the use of the term "rainbow" to describe
> World's Championship stripes?
> I'm not at all sure the term really applies, except as a generic term
> mistakenly used to describe any series of colored stripes.
> Any thoughts?
> David Snyder
> a real rainbow would seem likely today in cloudy
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> >> Weather there is a right to or just indiscriminate application,
> >> what was ROMIC justification for the use of the World's Rainbow
> >> Stripes/Olympic rings???
> >>
> >> peace
> >> w.e."ted gwilliam