[CR]Gold plating on Popecyle

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From: "Greg S" <gtsoftley@ozemail.com.au>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 09:07:40 +1100
Subject: [CR]Gold plating on Popecyle

Hi Crew, I suspect that most on the list have not had any first hand experience with a Colnago Oro frame. I scored what seemed to be a weather beaten 1978 Colnago Super Oro bike, with contrasting black paint against gold forks and stays mid last year at a good price. Upon receipt of the bike, I found that it was mainly covered in thick grime, but essentially great condition. After cleaning, the gold seemed to have some problems in that there was discoloration and possibly corrosion. I made a decision to get the black repainted as the decals had been applied over the full clear coat and the unprotected decals were lifting in typical Colnago fashion. The paint was great and it was a big decision to have it refinished rather than lkeep it original. This clear coat over the gold finish is the main issue with the look of the bike. I had the clear coat removed by my paint man and found that the problems of discoloration and what I thought was mild corrosion had disappeared...the problems were all in the clear coat finish. Any chip or minor wear in the clearcoat set up some sort of reaction with the underlying gold. With the clear removed the gold looks flawless, it glows like you wouldn't expect and some wax or lanolin oil applied to the gold takes care of any future exposure problems. Reclearing can be done with correct materials such as Pors finish which is the best for chrome, but the raw gold will stay. The 'Pope' clone, which to me is purely just another Oro Colnago as the graphics are different to the original, has been stored well enough so as problems that can happen with the temperamental clear finish have been avoided. I hope the new custodian does just as well. Just a thought...what would the ebay fees be for the vendor if someone actually purchased the bike as a BIN......plenty of dodgy ebay identities out there.

Greg Softley
Coffs Harbour