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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 10:13:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Thomas Adams" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]World Champion Stripes on Paramounts
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I believe Sheila Young won gold at the women's sprints world in '73. As she was a member of the Schwinn Wolverine team out of Detroit, she was very likely riding a Paramont. I haven't looked it up, that's just my memory, but I used to hand out at Mike Walden's shop and I recall seeing the rainbow jerseys hung there. Sue Novara also was a Wolverine, and another world champ. US women were ahead of US men on the world stage in the 70's. I believe Matt Assenmacher has one of Sue's bikes.

Tom Adams, Manhattan, KS

"Steven L. Sheffield" <> wrote: On 03/16/2008 05:42 AM, "Tom Sanders" wrote:
> Andy,
> I am aware of a World Championship in Track won on a Paramount in 1976 or
> so (Matt Assenmacher has the bike it was won on hanging on his wall is how I
> know of this). I am sure Schwinn would not fudge on this, but I can't
> recall anything from 1973. I have Paramounts from 1972 that do not have the
> stripes and I had a Team Schwinn Paramount Track bike (Now in the List
> Meister's clutches) from 1975 that I don't think had them.
> Do you know what Paramount won in 1973 that might induce Schwinn to add them
> that year as on your bike?

You should have a look at the order of the stripes on the Paramounts.

Blue, red, black, yellow, green = World Championships Blue, yellow, black, green, red = Olympics.

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I hope I didn't miss anything.


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