Re: [CR]Please Read: New emphasis on proper CR list message sign offs..

(Example: Component Manufacturers:Avocet)

Subject: Re: [CR]Please Read: New emphasis on proper CR list message sign offs..
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 01:01:07 -0400
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Thank you Ray. I am in complete agreement.

If someone finds the rules excessive, they do not need to be a member. Membe rship is voluntary, and yes, conditional.

The conditions are primarily about respect and open communication. If this i s a problem, then as Ray wrote, "move on."

The rest of us choose to abide and maintain the high standards set by Dale.

And Dale, Thank You for all your effort. It makes for a pleasant, enjoyable, informative and often humorous cyber-garage in which to kick tires and enjo y our avocation. 

Chris Wimpey

San Diego California USA

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Dear Charles,

You may have caught me at a bad moment....but here it goes.

I find your post offensive and uneducated

Please keep your bondage-and-discipline and chafing fantasies to yourself.

Read the list rules, and if your are not happy with them, then move on. I f you dislike the CR list so much as to make the asinine comments you made, yo u don't belong here.

Ray Dobbins Miami Florida USA

Charles Wahl <> wrote: At the risk of becoming, like the pope's bike, excommunicated: in the immortal words of John McEnroe, "You cannot be serious!"

I guess it hasn't occurred to ListOberHauptmann that indolence regarding the (many, petty) rules might be passive-aggressive chafing at the bondage-and-discipline tenor of this list. Or that the time invested maintaining that might be more productively spent doing something else. Some things for the membership to consider: how popular is this particular rule, and is it really necessary?

Dale Brown carped, sanctimoniously:
> Well, I just wrote my 10 thousandth private message (possibly an
>exaggeration but it seems like that many) to a list member asking
>them to sign off on their message to this list serve.
>It is only common courtesy in my judgment to tell people who you are
>when you write a message. The behavior of many of the Internet's
>participants makes it a most rude and obnoxious environment; people
>hiding behind pseudonyms in the most cowardly way.... or people just
>being grossly inconsiderate and self absorbed so as to not care
>whether their correspondents know who is addressing them.
>I simply will not tolerate that behavior here in my "living room"
>filled with friends who share their fascination with vintage
>lightweight bicycles. And most of you agree that our standards are
>similar. And nowadays it is relatively easy to add an AUTOMATIC
>"signature" to all your emails containing the basic info about you
>and where you are from, etc.
>Now, with yet another very nice non-USA member, I come to realize
>again how wonderful it is to have a "community" that knows no
>boundaries, indeed a worldwide fellowship here on the web. And
>therefore it is even more important to say where you are writing
>from, without lazy or casual abbreviations.? Let me quote from rule
>#1 here:
>" Please spell that info in a
> "straight up" way, using no abbreviations or short cuts so people can
> readily understand. We want our members to know where we are from; that
> will assist in creating a community, one in which we are communicating
> "real person to real person," so to speak. If you cannot do this, for
> whatever reason, please do not join."
>What to do about those of you who are lazy or inattentive or
>indifferent to oblige on this basic requirement?
>I am already spending tons of time writing individual, non-form
>messages asking those who do not sign off properly. There seems no
>end to it. So my latest idea is to just simply suspend those
>offending persons and require them to sign up again with an
>accompanying pledge to follow the rules.... The hassle to sign up
>again is not any more than my time cost to write these redundant
>warning messages; it seems only fair.
>So, I will try that for a while and see how it goes.... (Sigh)

Charles Wahl
NYC -- if anyone reading is unsure where that is, then just email me,
and I'll be happy to help you out